Ekiti State teachers strike over test.

Ekiti State has over the years been widely praised as the ‘education capital’ of the country. This even manifesting in the state slogan – Fountain of Knowledge. It supposedly has the highest number of professors in the country.
All these come into perspective when considering the impending collision between the NUT (Nigerian Union of Teachers) Ekiti chapter and the Dr. Fayemi-led state government.
The state’s plan to conduct a test for all public school teachers in the state’s employ has not gone down well with the teachers. The teachers claim the test has no other aim, but to frustrate, ridicule, dehumanize and sack some of them, and as such they have no intention of sitting for it. Apparently the state has been trickish in times past in their dealings in the education sector which has led the teachers to believe there is an ulterior motive in the test.
The state government insists it has no such intentions as to use the test as a means to ridicule or sack anyone; rather it is to be seen as a tool to identify the areas in which the government can intervene to further develop the teachers. The test which was previously slated for May 28 2012 had been postponed to June 4 2012.
The state NUT chapter has concluded that there is going to be an indefinite teacher’s strike state-wide if the test is not scrapped, which they hope will convince the government to scrap the test. The commissioner for information, Mr. Funminiyi Afuye, on Saturday said the government was not aware of the impending strike action, saying the resolve of the teachers to go on strike is unfair to the Ekiti people and is highly provocative. I hope it doesn’t turn to the scale of the NMA vs. Lagos State Government on us.
But, my questions are:
Firstly, why would the fountain of knowledge fidget over a simple test of knowledge? And then, if the teachers are not confident in their ability to pass a simple test (because if they are confident they’ll pass there’d be no worries in writing the test), what hope is there for the pupils under their tutelage?



What’s in a name?

May 29, 2012 marked the 13th year of democracy in Nigeria, and as has been the norm, the President addressed the Nation. Mere hours after he ended his speech, a protest had begun.
In his address, Mr. President in his sovereign wisdom, made the declaration that the erstwhile University Of Lagos was henceforth to be known as Moshood Abiola University. This pronouncement didn’t go down well at all with staffs and students alike of Unilag, as they trooped out in their hundreds to let the government know they are not comfortable with the change.
In Jonathan’s words, “The institution was renamed after the late politician because of Chief Abiolas contributions to the enthronement of democracy in the country”.
A noble but suspicious act whose timing was terrible. I think Nigerians respect the person, name, and works of Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, but is there no other ‘grand’ thing to do to immortalize this great man other than naming a school after him? Another School!{ The Ogun state polytechnic (which was co-incidentally approved on June 12, 1980) was renamed Moshood Abiola Polytechnic in 1999}. It is my opinion that Jonathan is merely trying to bring the masses back to his side, South West particularly.
On the other hand, you cant fight a mother for renaming her child. Unilag is a federal government-owned school and if the federal government decides to change the name of its school who can argue with her.
But my question is if we go to school to attain a higher level of knowledge, what does a change of name mean? Nothing! Does the change of name come with a lower quality of academic facilities? Does it come with longer years of studentship? Does it make the certificate any less important? No! So whats in a name?
One of the protesting students said “Our libraries aren’t stocked, we don’t have electricity, the name UNILAG is the only thing we have to hold on to and now they are even taking that name”

T.B. JOSHUA and the Champions league final

If T.B. Joshua’s ‘good’ streak of prophecies is anything to go by, then chelsea are in for a raw deal come final whistle. No?
First we heard was the great T.B. Joshua prophecied Chelsea was going to win the UCL. Knowing his unblemished prohecy slate, I immediately started preparation to take loan of up to a million naira to bet on that game, afterall Emmanuel will not fail us( me and the man of God that is). Deep into negotiations for procuring my loan, I read another article, presumably from Joshua himself saying “I didn’t say Chelsea will win”. Now I’m confused which do I believe? In the 2nd article ‘he said’ God has indeed shown him the match, but he won’t say the outcome so as not to disappoint the millions of football watching youths, but Chelsea need serious prayers. I won’t claim to understand that, but, I remember he said Micheal Jackson needed serious prayer, An african president needed serious prayer, an aircraft flying to Indonesia needed serious prayers, all ended in doom anyways. So I conclude from the T.B. Joshua inference that Bayern will win the Champions league.


Abortion: Think well, Think hard!

The burial is today. A very unceremonious ceremony indeed. A bland wooden casket. In it lies Bimpe Adeoti, 19 years old at her last breath. Everybody is uniformly decked in black. Her mother is too weak to stand, and so she sits on a chair. Her eyes too swollen to cry more, her heart too broken to care less. Her father stands with a bland expression, hands crossed behind his back, probably pulling on all the manliness he possesses to keep emotions at bay, every now and then he shakes his head. Bad enough not to have a male child and even worse to lose the only child at her prime. The procession comes to a close and the super-brief ceremony is concluded, the dust cycle completed, now the grass can grow in peace over the grave, watered by the tears of loved ones.
If only her parents could hear her, her cries; see her, her shame.
She’s on the queue of judgment, lined up directly behind the baby she had just murdered. Poetic justice?
She is dead and he’s still walking the earth. She is scared stiff of the judgment of heaven about to be pronounced, he is stalking his next prey, afterall life must go on. Was it worth it?
Pls be wise. Please think it through. If you are old enough to throw caution to the wind and ‘skindive’ be old enough (and sensible enough) not to risk your life in taking a life.

Aderemi Adesoji

Down but not out

2214hrs GMT, Erijiyan, Ekiti.
For the gazillionth time, I load BBC’s Football page to stare at the final league standing. I’m sad, disappointed, depressed, how does a team strive over 38 games and in the last 90mins get it all wrong and disappoint their teeming fans. At the end of the first half, all was going according to plans, half a game later its all gone. And NO, I am not a Manchester United fan!!!
The fact has since dawned on me that our 11 year romance with the Barclays Premier League has come to an end, on one hand I am disappointed, but on the other it’s like a weight lifted off my shoulder, enough of the pummeling at the hands of elite teams, enough of the disappointing performance against mediocre teams, enough of losing money betting on my beloved team, enough of the heartache, heart break, of defeat after defeat. ENOUGH!
Now Im preparing for life in the championship. Time to transfer the aggression, time to pummel teams home and away, time to beat every comer, relegation candidate or promotion chasers, time to earn a fortune betting on my favorite team. Time to experience joy of 3 pts after 3 pts.
Lest I forget, let me commiserate first with premier league for losing such a great team in Bolton Wanderers, and secondly with our next door neighbours Manchester United on the narrow miss of the title. And great congratulations to Manchester City for their first league triumph since 1968.
The fact remains BOLTON WANDERERS FOOTBALL CLUB OF MANCHESTER, will be back at the first attempt, and Arsenal would still be trophyless by then, so I can still tell my Arsenal friends we both are trophyless .
Long Live Bolton Wanderers!

NYSC: Allowee is our right

0947hrs GMT,12th of May 2012, Erijiyan,Ekiti.
Sitting with my bowl of Gari, doing justice to breakfast. Ill have the government know that there is no sugar in it( I am not diabetic), there is no groundnut in it( I am not living in fear of pimples), there is no milk in it( I am not lactose intolerant). Ill also have them know that I have served diligently, under the sun and in the rain, with dedication and selflessness like our anthem says, and how have I been rewarded? Not too different from from the way our heroes of yesteryears were, with UNPAID ALLOWEES. Out of six months of service I have rendered to our nation, I have only been deemed fit to receive 2 months allowee( including the one we get in camp that gets spent before 2 weeks elapse). I drink water that has taste(chemistry taught me that good water should be tasteless) because I cant afford to take a bike to the nearest pipe-borne water supply. But should I complain? I think not. Afterall im a nigerian, and I recognise the countrys finances have been squeezed thin, by MAD people and the members of their honourable cabal. I recognise our resources are better spent towards chasing an elusive group of Islamist that are not in any hurry to be caught by an ever understanding judgement. I recognize that the even fewer resources left have to first be shared around the political office holders, their friends, families and any body who woulkd sing their praises to high heavens on various media platforms. I recognise that with millions owed in pensions, millions more in salary arrears of numerous workers across the country, increasing cost of feeding in Aso Rock (I think its something about inadequate governing that makes their stomachs expand), billions spirited away in a brave attempt at catching up with Dangote on the Forbes rich list, there will be little if anything left to pay the Corpers(seeing how low we are on their scale of preference) their allowees. For many corpers who rely solely on 19,800 to feed, clothe, shuttle to their ppas, attend CDS meetings etc and still hope to save a few thousands , what do they expect us to do? indulge in scams to keep body and soul together? I learnt from a source that the problem is not from the NYSC but from the ministry of finance, but I bet Mr President’s salary for the last month is yet to hit his coffers, I bet our thieving leaders are affected by the Ministry of Finances problem. I bet even the high ranking staffs of the Ministry of Finance are checking their phones for alert or parading ATMs to know if their monthly booty has been delivered.
We are youth corpers, the leaders of tomorrow, why will they not do everything to make us comfortable. With many people already disillusioned with service year, this allowee matter will affect the productivity of corpers in their various PPAs, and Nigerias economy as a whole if you look at the big picture. PLEASE, NIGERIA, MINISTRY OF FINANCE, NYSC, help us to be eager to’ obey the clarion call’ and work hard to ‘lift our nation high’.

Adesoji Aderemi, currently serving in Ekiti.